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Apr 13, 2021
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Can Visitors Visit? - top
Yes, but since they will not be registered, they will not be allowed to participate in the forum or survey features, or have access to certain information that may be deemed to be 'private' by participating community members. An example of information with prohibited access could be cluster or association covenants that may be on line but available only to the members of those selected organizations.

Can People Planning To Move To Area Get Information? - top
Yes, by access to any of the general site content as is available to any visitor, and by directly contacting York County Community Network or any of the organizations that choose to provide a hyper link on their site. Access to the forum for direct communication with registered individual members is not available.

Is This Web Site Complete As We See It? - top
York County Community Network development, or Phase 1 of our program, is a 'work in progress'. For example, the current site version only has about 15 percent of the pages and links to the over 50-community organizations that affect our daily lives. Improvements to what you see today will continue throughout this year. We would hope that many of these would come as a result of constructive input from our members. After this initial phase is completed, we expect periodic site improvements to continue to upgrade existing features as well as to add new ones. Phase 2, site operation, starts at York County Community Network roll out.

I Hear There Is A Third Phase To Your Program; What Is That? - top
Phase 3 is the longer-term objective of York County Community Network to ensure that everyone in our community has access to the Internet and thus to the full benefits of participating in the community building process. This activity is planned to start in year 2002. We will be seeking donations of computer hardware and provider access for those of our citizens that cannot otherwise afford Internet access. Any suggestions from our members to expeditiously reach this goal will be most welcome!

Do You Advertise Or Promote Businesses? - top
York County Community Network provides preferred status to our Collaborative Sponsors. If you would like to learn more about how to financially support our project in an effortless manner, go to Marketplace and click on the Collaborative Sponsor link.

Who Is Eligible To Register? - top
Any resident of or business located in York County may register.

Why Was It Started? - top
Creation of the York County Community Network is the result of research conducted by York County citizens regarding how local communities will be organized and compete successfully in the global economy.

Are All Commuters Allowed To Participate? - top
Employees of member companies who register through their company administrator will be able to participate in York County Community Network features. As many of these employees are commuters, their voice is welcome and vital to the improvement of our overall quality of life. We encourage all commuters to sign up!

What Personal Information Is Collected And Does It Remain Secure? - top
Name, street address, e-mail address, telephone and a selected password/verification question are required for registration. We use cookies to aid your sign in and for site maintenance but do not collect personal information by this means. Our policy is to prohibit unauthorized dissemination of personal information to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

Why Can Only Registered Members Participate In Forums Or Polling? - top
Our aim is to provide a communication vehicle that maximizes the thoughtful and civil exchange of ideas and information to and among community residents. We believe that registration and the consistent use of ones actual name on all posts will encourage and maximize meeting this objective, and will ensure one vote per member in our informal surveys. However being a public web site, civility and thoughtfulness of posts are ultimately up to the good will and consideration of our individual member users.

What Is Your Policy Regarding The Censoring Or Editing Posts? - top
We do not censor nor edit any member post or communication! Our system does employ a profanity filter that is designed to substitute a symbol group for any word or phrase that falls outside the normal standards of decency for viewing by adults and children. We do reserve the right to remove messages that are flagged as inappropriate by any of our members that express concern through separate communication with our webmaster.

Where Do Forum And Poll Topics Come From? - top
It is our hope that topics will come primarily from the members through their input to the webmaster. Our plan is to post at least one new forum topic each week and one survey topic each month. Topics will be selected based on their relevance to issues that are important to our citizens, that are of interest and that have potential for the betterment of the entire community. Of course, a member recommendation will not guarantee their topic being used immediately or at all.

What Is Your Policy Regarding Archiving? - top
Messages will remain on the forum board for four months and then will be retained in archives for two years. Messages from archives may be retrieved using our forum search feature.

Where Can I Ask Further Questions, Make Comments Or Suggestions? - top
York County Community Network is a community enterprise that has potential to significantly contribute to the betterment of York County. Your active participation in this effort is vital. Please feel free to communicate with us at any time by using the 'Contact Us' feature. We pledge our best efforts to promptly and objectively consider and take appropriate action on all citizen input. It's our town; let us all work together to be sure it remains the best!

What Is York County Community Network? - top
York County Community Network is a communications network for all citizens of York County, Virginia and guests that come via the Internet. It's objectives are to foster communication among the residents and businesses, facilitate the discussion and understanding of issues of mutual concern, provide links to neighborhoods, governmental entities, religious congregations, community organizations, and community newspapers.


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