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Jan 19, 2019
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Residential HVAC System Design & Build

Quality HVAC for Your Dream Home

Let ANI Design & Build the HVAC and Indoor Air Quality System for Your Dream HomeIs it true that ANI designs and installs HVAC and Indoor Air Quality systems in custom residential construction? You better believe it! ANI takes the same commitment to quality and efficiency that it designs into every commercial building and builds it into your custom-built home. When you finally put those house plans on paper and make your "Dream Home" a reality, specify Art Newsome, Inc. for your HVAC design and installation.

The ANI team of experienced HVAC experts has but one goal in mind: economical year-round comfort for your family. If you are looking for a company that that can design, install and maintain your indoor comfort systems, we invite you to contact our Indoor Comfort Consultants and discuss the ANI Advantage. After you have, we're certain you'll agree there is only one choice of contractor for the HVAC design & build when it comes to your dream home.


Quality Begins With Proper Design

HVAC System Quality Begins with Proper DesignIt takes time and expertise to complete a professional load calculation and system design. Does it make sense to ride in an aircraft or elevator that wasn't properly designed and engineered. Quality design is an important factor in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Proper design can have a dramatic impact on the efficiency and operating costs of your indoor air comfort and quality systems for the next 15 years. When you're planning your dream home, you want to get this critical system right. Over-size your system and installation costs will be exorbitant; undersize your system and you'll have hot, clammy rooms in the summer and dry and drafty rooms in the winter. While both of these conditions are good for the contractor who designed your system and your utility companies, neither situation is beneficial to you, the homeowner.

ANI's Design Engineers use the latest design software and Manual J� load calculation procedures to properly size the HVAC system in your custom home. Manual J� is the official standard for residential load calculation and is required by most building codes across the country. ANI carefully evaluates structure configuration, insulation levels, window area and composition, sun exposure, air infiltration levels, and lighting, kitchen and laundry appliance loads when designing your indoor comfort and quality systems. We supply each of our customers with a copy of the computerized load calculation for your records when your home is complete.


Selecting the Right Equipment for Your Dream Home

ANI can design the best HVAC system for your custom buildt home.Heating and Air Conditioning equipment comes in many capacities, configurations and efficiencies. It is important that your contractor selects the right equipment compatible with your home's heating, cooling and air quality needs, but most contractors are dedicated to a single manufacturer. ANI professionals are certified installers for a number of heating, cooling and air quality product manufacturers. Since ANI can find the best equipment to meet your homes specific design requirements, you don't have to settle for "something close" to what you really need. ANI will assemble the BEST system for your home, one that will provide year-round comfort at the lowest possible cost.

Whether you are a custom home architect, builder or the ultimate owner, contact an ANI Indoor Comfort Consultant today for a free consultation.


Quality Backed by the Strongest Warranty in the Business

ANI's commitment to quality is reflected in everything we do. Our warranty policy is no exception. You'll rest comfortably knowing that ANI professionals back both materials and labor with both full and extended manufacturer's warranties. We feel so strongly about our warranty that we even warranty our labor on initial installations and repairs. Click here to read more about ANI's Quality Commitment.

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