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Jan 19, 2019
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Commercial Building HVACR Design & Build Services


It Starts With Engineering Design Expertise that Ensures Quality & Satisfaction

Art Newsome, Inc. excels at forming long term relationships with design architects, construction companies and building renovators by providing complete Design & Build and Plan & Spec services for commercial development projects.  Our success is based on the experience of our professional system designers who are not only well versed in state and local building codes, but have over 30 years of experience designing high-efficiency HVAC systems in virtually every type of commercial building.  ANI uses the latest computer technologies for load calculations, engineering, layout work and coordination drawings. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for quality workmanship and effective design for good reason; you'll find it in every project we complete.


ANI Specializes in Commercial Design & Build Projects with Excellent Engineering, Fabrication, Installation and Project Management Capabilities

ANI's Project Management Capabilities Ensure On-Time, On-Budget Delivery

Our goal is simple: bring an efficiently functioning HVAC system to your design & build project that comes in on-time and on-budget.  Each project begins with a project management plan.  Following a thorough analysis of the architectural and structural drawings for precise design coordination, ANI's design experts perform the required load calculations, and performance modeling tasks to ensure the highest operating efficiency after delivery.  Once a construction project is finalized, owners want to get it done in the shortest time possible.  There are a great many reasons why, but the most important one is reduced cost.  A contractor proves their mettle by accepting complete responsibility for managing every aspect of the project.  ANI has all the necessary internal resources and capabilities to design, fabricate and install your entire system and the project management systems required to do so in the shortest time possible.


In the End, HVACR Efficiency is All About Well Designed Systems

Ultimately, the economic efficiency of a well-designed commercial HVACR system lies with its control system.  Of course, the greater the variety of climate management systems built into a building's comfort control plan, the more difficult it becomes to manage all the variables.  Art Newsome, Inc. brings over 35 years of control system design for fully integrated indoor air quality control.  You can rely on ANI to utilize its engineering expertise to design and fabricate systems which match the needs of your commercial building and minimize your utility costs.  With system design requiring equal shares of science and art, ANI's system design experts are unequaled in their ability to design a system that manages the air comfort and quality in your commercial building at the lowest possible cost.  Contact an ANI Indoor Comfort Expert for an initial consultation on your next commercial design project.



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