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Feb 23, 2019
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Commercial & Residential HVACR System Replacement


Residential Systems

If your home heating and/or air conditioning systems are more than 10 years old, it may well be time to replace them.  With the improvements in HVAC technology seen in the past decade and the cost of utilities rising as they have, you could be saving money every day with a new system.  We want to help you understand what you should expect from your HVAC contractor at system replacement time.

Quality Begins with Professional Design...even when you are replacing your existing system.  Unfortunately, some contractors size replacement components based on the old system's capacity rather than completing a professional design.  Your home's cooling needs may well have changed or the original contractor may have failed to size the system correctly to begin with.  Under-sized or over-sized, you'll spend more to stay comfortable year-round.  Now you can have the experts at Hampton Road's premier Design & Build HVAC company complete a professional load calculation and system design.

Load Calculation is where it all begins...Year-round comfort is the goal.  In the summer, your air conditioning system not only cools your home's air (sensible cooling), it remove moisture (latent cooling).  In the winter, your heating system must keep you comfortable without causing high utility bills.  Your contractor should be using the Manual J� residential load calculation procedure.  Insist on it! 

ANI will carefully measure your home and evaluate its levels of insulation.  Window exposures, infiltration levels, internal loads induced by lighting and appliances are a few of the issues we incorporate into our computerized assessment to determine the proper amount of heating and cooling capacity your system should have!

Systems come in many capacities and configurations.  A contractor must select the right equipment based on a thorough Load Analysis.  ANI will help you select the proper equipment for your home based on the most thorough Load Calculation process and our expertise with high efficiency systems.  Repairing and replacing your duct work, grills and registers are also critical to the operating efficiency of your new system and must not be ignored.  You can count on ANI to properly configure your replacement system.

Commercial Systems


Have your commercial building utilities been growing exponentially?  Let ANI return control of your utility bills to you.  Our replacement Commercial HVAC systems will improve system efficiency.  Let ANI's team of Design & Build experts determine the best equipment and configuration to keep your building's occupants comfortable year-round.

As a building owner, indoor comfort and economic performance are of paramount importance. Trust ANI to properly evaluate your commercial systems and determine the most cost effective long-term solutions.  Once again, our experience as the premier "Design & Build" HVAC Contractor in Hampton Roads comes into play when replacement commercial systems are in order.  We completely "redesign" your HVAC installation to ensure proper loading, internal comfort controls and enhanced Indoor Air Quality. 



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