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Dec 14, 2018
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Residential & Commercial HVAC System Repair Services


Most people take the comfort provided by their central preconditioning, heat pump or furnace for granted until something goes wrong.   When it does, you need a quality heating, ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) contractor with knowledgeable, skilled and qualified technicians that can get your system up and running.   When looking for a qualified contractor, you want a company that:

  • complies with state and local codes and regulations,
  • carries the proper business and worker's compensation insurance to protect you, the client,
  • provides prompt, reliable and courteous service,
  • attempts to provide service at your convenience,
  • keeps its team up to date on the latest advances in technology, equipment and installation techniques tap maximize the value of each and every clients installation.

ANI meets or exceeds all of these criteria, but so do a number of local companies.  The truest test of a quality service provider goes beyond meeting the minimum standards for competence and courtesy.  You want, and need, a HVACR Contractor who cares enough to be truly concerned for the safety and comfort of your family or corporate team.  You need a contractor like ANI!  Here are the service commitments that separate ANI from the others:

  • ANI's technicians listen carefully to your comfort concerns as you describe indoor conditions such as draftiness and dryness during the winter, or hot and damp conditions during the summer.
  • Our service personnel determine if your home or building is affected by indoor air quality challenges caused by organic resins or vapors, poor air turnover or high humidity.
  • ANI's professionals will inquire about allergies.  If you have respiratory problems, our trained personnel can service your system and recommend accessories that may prevent conditions that can adversely affect health and comfort.
  • ANI team members are concerned about protecting the environment.  Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC's) used as air conditioning and heat pump refrigerant have been linked to ozone layer depletion.  Our technicians won't release these chemicals into the atmosphere and are certified in proper techniques for recovering, recycling, reclaiming and disposing of user refrigerant.
  • ANI 's technicians will show you how to properly care for your system.  Filter maintenance and thermostat operation are critical to maximum efficiency and cost management.  He or she will also advise you of symptoms that could signal a problem with your equipment.
  • A quality contractor offers planned preventive maintenance to maximize your systems economic life.  ANI's service schedulers will advise you of the appropriate maintenance schedule for your system components and perform the maintenance at your request.
  • When it is necessary to replace your system, ANI's engineers will perform Manual J�  load calculations and explain any changes necessary in your duct system to accommodate the higher efficiency systems being built and installed today.
  • ANI honors the terms on the warranty on both materials, and related labor throughout the warranty period. 

Whether you are responsible for a commercial building or your own residential property, ANI recommends that you find a quality HVACR contractor while your system is functioning well.  At ANI, we pride ourselves on providing repair and preventive care services that are second to none.  We back that claim with the area's strongest warranty.  Contact ANI's Repair and Preventive Maintenance Experts using our Contact ANI e-form, or by phone at 873-0345 to schedule an evaluation of your system.  You'll be glad you did!

ANI's Commercial Repair and Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Utilities Low and Your Comfort High!

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