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Feb 16, 2019
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To survive, a business must grow.  Business growth is built on a foundation of effective planning and business development activities.  Just as a house must have a solid foundation, business growth is built on a basis of four critical cornerstones - Presence, Message, Awareness and Transactions. 


It is amazing to see the number of businesses struggling to grow using sheer determination instead of a systematic approach.  Reflect on your business, is your business growing?  Efficiently?  Is growth the result of hard work or the application of planning and tools?


When measuring the cost of customer acquisition and business growth, technology, by far, provides the greatest return on investment compared to any other media.  Today�s customers use the Internet to validate your business and measure you based on the professional appearance and functionality of your web site.  Businesses without an effective Internet presence are not growing.


PRESENCE � �Presence is more than just being there. Malcolm Forbes�.  If people do not know your business exists, it is impossible for them to become your customers.  Presence takes many forms � your physical place of business, yellow pages ads, etc.  The Internet in today�s marketplace, is the predominate source for people to locate, research and contact businesses.  . 


MESSAGE � �Sell to their needs, not yours.  Earl G. Graves�.  Can you name five things that make your product or service attractive or desirable to prospective customers? 

  • Your message sets your business apart from the competition and brings you customers. 
  • Your message is presented to consumers in several ways � your name, logo, quality of presentation and consistency. 

    Today�s technology empowers you to create an attractive message, keep it fresh and relevant.  However, the most important element of an effective message is to convince prospective customers your product fills their need.  All other details beyond this point are nice, but do not promote growth.

    � �If I build it, they will come�, so went the Field of Dreams mantra.   This assumption is the worst mistake made by business owners.  The greatest message ever crafted is completely ineffective if not delivered to the target audience.  You must proactively get your message and products in front of consumers. 

    Repetition is the key; the challenge is doing it in the most economical and effective ways possible.  E-mail and E-Newsletters allow every business to deliver their message rapidly and cost effectively, unlike any other media.  Successful businesses will exploit this media, especially by using services that include tracking reports providing measurable return on investment (ROI).  The more people aware of your business translates to greater growth.


    TRANSACT � �To conduct business. Merriam-Webster Dictionary�.  Business growth can use any number of metrics.  Whether you use the number of clients, gross/net revenue, units sold, etc. - all relate to growth. 

    Effective application of the preceding cornerstones brings you and your customer to the transaction step.  You must make the transaction a convenient and painless experience for the consumer.  Today�s fast-paced lifestyles places a premium on immediate gratification and convenience.  Time is the consumer�s most valuable possession.  Utilizing e-commerce technology delivers your product to the consumer when they want it, regardless of your hours of business and/or location.  E-commerce comes in many styles depending on the product or service.  These can range from actual on-line purchases; discount coupons and subscriptions/access to information, such as a product catalog. 

    Growth truly happens when you deliver the product to your customer.

    This article outlines the above-mentioned cornerstones for successful business growth.  Dash One has specifically designed our products to deliver business growth.  Technology is the delivery method but reliable business growth is our deliverable.  If you would like more information, we welcome the opportunity to assist you.  Please visit us at www.dashone.com or via e-mail using our Contact Us page.

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