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Mar 24, 2018
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This is a sample e-newsletter that can be immediately distributed to well over 1,000 York County businesses and residents through the York County Chamber's Community Network Emergency Distribution System.

If you authorize the Community Network to re-issue York County PIO news releases, such as the one below, in this manner, we can increase the speed and distribution of official information during emergencies, such as the one we are experiencing now.

Let me know if you will approve this process.

Carl Loveland
York County Chamber of Commerce

This information is provided by the York County Community Network in cooperation with the York County Public Information Office.  For additional information, and inquiries, call the York County Public Information Office at 890-3300.

News Release 2003-119:H-1  11:34 a.m.    



Greg Davy, Public Information Officer

757-890-3300 � FAX 757-890-3315



York County Begins Hurricane Preparations, Urges Public

to Begin Reviewing Personal Emergency Preparedness Plans


Yorktown, Sept. 15York County staff has begun taking its first emergency preparedness steps in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Isabel later this week, and urges York County residents to review their personal hurricane preparedness plan and stay tuned to radio, TV, or NOAA Weather Radio for official bulletins as we track the storm�s progress.

The County urges that the following protective actions be taken:

           People in low-lying areas and/or mobile homes should consider seeking shelter with friends or families or staying in a motel outside the flood zones.

          Those using public shelters should take water, food, bedding, clothing, personal hygiene items, portable radio, and flashlight.

          Secure your home:

-- Board windows

-- Secure outdoor furniture and garbage containers

-- Unplug computers and TVs when severe weather occurs

           Gather supplies:

            -- Batteries for portable radio and flashlights

            -- Listen to radio and TV for York County emergency information

-- Batteries for flashlights

            -- Secure insurance papers and pictures in sealable plastic bags

           Everyone living outside flood zones and those not living in mobile homes should move supplies to a safe area in their home.

           The safest area is an area on the first floor of the home in the center of the structure away from windows and doors. Families should go to the safe area during period of strong winds and severe weather.

           People with medical needs should consult with their physicians or healthcare providers for protective actions.

For information, or inquiries, call the York County Public Information Office at 890-3300.

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