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Feb 21, 2018
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Meeting Notice

James-York Chapter of Virginia Writers Club
September 15, 2007
1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Child Activity Room of Tabb Library

This month we have three manuscripts, two to critique and one to read  for fun.

Nan has reworked the opening of her story, "Disaster," and Jim has submitted "Reboot."  Both are on the Yahoo site to be downloaded.  Jim also changed "The Back Scrub" after getting our comments, and has invited us to read it, but not to ciritique it again.

A lot has happened with the statewide organization.  First, we are without an executive director.  The executive committee met last month and authorized a $350 stipend for a new executive director (Linda Layne has been working for $100, but no one else is willing to do so much for so little).  However, the board rejected this and instead elected to submit an ad for an executive director, perhaps from outside the club.  While we wait for resumes to come in, we're doing without.

Brenda Finley is the new editor of the newsletter, working for the same amount of money as Linda Layne used to get, which mostly goes to printing and postage.  In the near future she is going to be asking people to take their newsletter via email so we can save money.

We still need people to come to the annual banquet and to stay in the hotel.  Please consider coming. 

We have gotten the okay from the board to hold 4 one-day conferences around the state, but so far nothing has been done to secure a location or workshop leaders.  This is supposed to be the job of the conference committee, of which I am the head, but I desperately need to step down due to my husband's illness.

Speaking of stepping down, we are already in violation of our chapter bylaws by not electing a new chapter president.  I really need someone to take over this job so I can devote more time to taking care of my husband.  In addition to maintaining the critique web site and the York County Network website (which publishes this newsletter), the president has to to arrange for meeting rooms (easy) and attend quarterly board meetings

That's all for now.  See everyone on Saturday.

Dorene Braun

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