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Mar 21, 2018
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Meeting Reminder
February 16, 2008
1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Tabb Library Child Activity Room

This month we have three pieces to read.  The first is "Overture (Cassandra plog)" by Jason, who just joined us in December, "Disaster (revised)" by Nan, and "Charlie" by Jim.  They are listed in order of posting, so if you don't have time for all three, read Jason's first, then Nan's, then Jim's.  We'll see what we get to at the meeting.

I was planning to have another installment of my novel, but I've only managed to revise a few pages.  Thanks to Jason, Nan, and Jim, I'm off the hook for this month. 

I've left a lot of old files up for Jason and George to read if they have time.  Jason's been giving critiques already, but George didn't receive his invitation to joing the Yahoo group until today, so he needs a little more time.  All the old files will be cleared by next month's meeting.

We will also have a guest at this next meeting, Julia Davenport, who is new to the area and visiting several groups to see where she will fit in best.  Julia has a lot of projects in the works.  We may also have anothr guest, if I can find the note with his phone number on it.

Don't forget to check the links at the chapter site and the Yahoo group for the Cafe Press shop I've set up.  There's no pressure to buy anything--I fully expect to be my own best customer.  But if you have suggestions for items in the shop, let me know at the meeting.  This could raise some money for our chapter, and we can have a writing event for the community this year if everyone agrees.

I've found a substitute for my tax shift, so I can be there.  George has to work, but he may be able to get away for the meeting.

See you all on Saturday,


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