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Feb 16, 2019
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Posted by
I guess I shouldn't complain since my family is safe and my home is intact...  But, I don't understand why we were out of power so early in the day.  Especially, since the winds and rain did not seem that strong.

We have quite a bit of leaf debrise on our lawn and deck.

I am curious about other areas of York County - how did your house and neighborhood weather Isabel?

Charles Lykins
Sep 19, 2003
3:17 PM
We lost power around 10:30 am on Thursday morning.  A large oak tree down the street blew down onto some power lines.  Same here, it didn't seem like the winds were gusting that much when it happened.   I can only presume that the tree was very old or was diseased in some way.
Debbie Armstrong
Sep 19, 2003
3:22 PM

At our house, the sum total of the damage includes:

  • 3 trees down that were in a cluster across the back of our lot.
  • 1 large limb broken off a large oak in front of the house.
  • A dent in the left rear fender of our daughters car from a neighbors garbage can that wasn't secured and was blowing around.
  • Numerous shingles off the roof.

At least we weren't physically harmed nor any internal damage from leaks, etc.

Tom Metzger
Sep 19, 2003
3:31 PM

Our house is in Seven Holly's (Dare). We live on a 2-acre forest. We have about 50 trees down around the house (luckily the house received minimal damage). We have another dozen or so the must come down ASAP! Other homes in this neighborhood have similar damage.

The cost to clean up this damage is extensive & comes out-of-pocket (especially with the present price-gougers).  We're looking for names/numbers of lumber mills who may be interested in "harvesting" some timber.

Any other ideas/suggestions?


Sandra Jacobson-hood
Oct 4, 2003
11:35 PM

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