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May 25, 2020
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As the Route 17 Corridor passes through the Harwood Mills dam it crosses the Poquoson River. There are very few places to cross the Poquoson River, one being on Orianna Road and the other is Denbigh Road where the river is about 4 feet wide and 1 foot deep. In each case, there is barely enough room for the traffic lanes and no place for pedestrians to safely walk. How hard would it be to put a nice foot bridge over the river? Harwood Mills has that beautiful grassy field below the dam where the geese nibble on shoots, why can't a gravel trail be built across it for people to walk on? We used to ride our sleds down the hill when it snowed but now they put a fence up. Fine, all they do is keep us away. Why not give us something back? Everytime I try to ride my bike through there I feel like I am going to be killed by cars and trucks that are way over the 45 mph speed limit and won't slow down for me. Having a traffic lane isn't enough with that kind of traffic, pedestrians need to be on a separate path and completely away from the cars. It would be so nice if there were a trail built for pedestrians and bicycles. Those wooded bridges can't cost too much to build, some of our local organizations would probably build it for free. By the way, you could connect it to the gravel road that extends from the Ella Taylor Road intersection and traffic light. It is a lovely road that connects to Orianna and Burts Road. From there, you could direct hikers and bikers and joggers etc. onto the dirt trails that belong to Newport News Waterworks, a vast network of land that stretches all the way to Williamsburg. This could all be done with minimum expense and make the whole Peninsula gain national attention for having such a huge greenway, we'd be on par with Boulder Colorado! Imagine that. Most of the trails are there already, they just need to be connected in a couple places so they extend the whole length.
Thea Ganoe
Jul 29, 2005
8:20 PM

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