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Feb 27, 2021
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 Decorate Your Outdoor Space Without Breaking The Bank
Forget trying to find that perfectly matched 9-piece patio set at the first garage sale you stop at.

 Creative Landscaping With Railroad Ties
Did you know that people are still using railroad ties for all sorts of decorative and functional purposes.

 Get Your Mower Ready For Hibernation
Cooler weather is just around the corner, and you’re probably getting ready to put your mower away for the winter.

 Summertime Activities Should Include Fertilizing
Summertime means picnics, fishing, sunbathing and playing in your yard -- not to mention, fertilizing your lawn. Grass grows throughout the season and is in continuous need of nutrients.

 Secrets Of A Great Garden Revealed
The real secret to a great garden is so obvious that many people look right past it: great plants. Master gardeners know that not all plants are created equal. Put the right plant in the right place and an outstanding garden can be as easy as sunshine,

 Outdoor Lighting: How To Enjoy Your Yard On Those Autumn Nights
The use of outdoor lighting to enhance the home landscape has come a long way from its earliest uses -- when solar-powered pathway lights sprouted like so many planted seedlings in neighborhoods across America.

 How To Plant 100 Tulip Bulbs In 30 Minutes
Every fall intrepid gardeners ponder their properties and plan for the new year. Or, more likely, every spring property owners drive about and jealously wonder why they did not plan ahead for beautiful spring colors bursting from tulips, and daffodils.

 The Secret To A Healthy Lawn
Most of us think that when it comes to our lawns, the more moisture the better. But too much of anything, even water, can be bad for your grass. The key to a healthy lawn is to give it the right balance of water along with other nutrients.

 Your Plants And Your Wallet Will Love Rainwater
Avid gardeners spend a good part of the winter planning what they will plant in the spring. Even casual gardeners invest plenty of time and money in their plants. Regular watering is one key to a successful garden.

 Make A Maintenance-free Deck Possible
You’ve decided to build a new deck or replace an old wood deck that is showing the years of weathering and decay. You could replace the old boards and stain the whole deck again and repeat that time consuming process year after year, or you could look for

 Get A Jump On Next Summer’s Backyard Entertaining
Autumn may signal the end of summer to some, but to others it’s just an early start to the next summer season. The kids are back in school, the chaise lounges have been stored away, and the garden flowers are losing their petals -- it’s time to strap on

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