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Feb 21, 2019
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My sincere appreciation to those who responded to our recent survey regarding gas fireplace problems. Below you will find the immediate results of the survey. For many, it appears this is a problem individual homeowners can resolve. 

It appears most residents are experiencing the same problem with their gas fireplaces. Dust collects in the air holes on the pilot burner air intake and creates the problems many homeowners have been experiencing such as the pilot light not staying lit.

Dick Johnson offers this solution. He visited Aqua Pools and Spas, 4401 Ironbound Road, and they offered this solution before requesting a service call:

Clean the air holes on the pilot burner air intake. This is the brass looking item at the bottom of the pilot burner. Take a fine wire or use a straw and blow air into the holes to clean out dust and dirt. You will need to remove the logs to do this. It is important that the logs be placed back exactly as they were before the removal. While you have the logs off, use your vacuum cleaner to clean the main burners.

If after doing this the pilot light will not stay lit, then it may be that the thermocouple needs to be replaced. Aqua Pools and Spas can perform this service.

Dick also says he will be happy to assist anybody.******can be reached by phone at 345-0398.

I understand Taproot on 2nd Street is also familiar with these fireplaces.

Another option is Tidewater Log Doc (757-635-7000). Walter Zadan has had them service his fireplace (vacuumed the unit), which took less than 15 minutes, and his fireplace has been performing well since. He advises this should be done every two years. Tidewater Log Doc has a sliding fee scale:

$70 before September 15th

$80 by October 15th

$90 after 

Thank you!
Nancy Pierson,

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