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Feb 23, 2019
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The Greenlands Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting
Tabb Library, Yorktown Virginia, 23693
Monday, February 27, 2017
Present were:
Terrence Dunbar, President
Joan Stradley, Vice President
Christina Yankson, Secretary
Max White, Treasurer
Also present: Chesapeake Bay Management Company
Jennifer Williams, Managing Agent
It was determined that a quorum of Board Members were present & the Meeting was called to
order @ 3:09 PM.
Homeowners Forum:
Ken Holder (Chair of the Architecture Committee), does not approve of the new time of 3PM that
is proposed for future H.O.A. Board Meetings. He feels it will not serve (working) Homeowners to
have Meetings @ this (proposed) time.
Terrence Dunbar stated that it will cost the Homeowner Association extra to continue to hold H.O.A.
Board Meetings @ night. But Terrence mentioned an update: This Federal Mandate did not pass in
York County. So the Board will reconvene on the decision of the timeline to hold future Meetings.
Judy Ferris (Neighborhood Communications), stated that the dog stations need to be emptied &
doggie bags need to be replenished more often. Judy, Stacy Ehrlich & Christina Yankson have
volunteered to monitor & restock bags @ the doggie stations.
Judy further requests that pavers be put in place to the stations, to avoid stepping in mud when it
rains. Judy also has a concern re: lake dredging…
A motion was duly made, seconded & unanimously carried to accept the Agenda as presented.
A motion was duly made, seconded & unanimously carried to accept the Minutes as stated.
A motion was duly made, seconded & unanimously carried to accept the Treasurer’s report
as stated.
A motion was duly made, seconded & unanimously carried to accept the Management’s
report as stated.
Treasurer’s Report: Max White
Tax statements are in. The Greenlands H.O.A, has no outstanding IRS debt.
CD rates: (Discussion in Executive Session).
Managing Agent’s Report: Jennifer Williams
18 line items. Items herein are summarized. For additional info, please refer to the
Monday, February 27, 2017 Board Package, page 18.
1) Researched property transfers for October 18, 2016 thru February 20, 2017.
Four transfers.
2) Prepared financial statements & researched items on the Agenda, for the
April Board Meeting.
3) Arranged for the Meeting to be held @ Tabb Library.
4) Worked w/ owners who received violation notices.
More info in Executive Session.
5) Service reports received from Solitude. Attached report.
6) Worked w/ Collections Attorney on delinquent account.
7) Attended October Board Meeting.
8) Sent the Minutes to the Website Administrator to post.
9) Responded to Homeowners’ phone calls & emails.
10) Sent response letters to Homeowners for submitted Architectural applications.
11) Prepared 3 disclosure packages for home sales since the last Board Meeting.
12) Performed property inspections & sent out correlating letters.
13) Mailed the 2017 Budget to Homeowners.
14) Mailed the 2016 Annual Meeting notice.
15) Attended the December 2016 Annual Meeting.
16) Provided Accounting Dept. a list of 2017 coupon opt outs & sent payment
17) Signed Iris Ferguson to attend the 2017 CA Day Tradeshow.
18) Received proposals for the playground repair/ replacement.
coupons to remaining homeowners.
Committee Reports:
Architectural Committee: Ken Holder
Ken states that there has been only one Homeowner request thus far this year.
Ken states that a Homeowner erected a fence without seeking approval.
Ken also stated that another Homeowner removed four trees on his property without
requesting approval.
Also a Homeowner on Tristen cut down trees without submitting approval.
Another Homeowner wants to remove four trees. The Homeowner will plant two
replacement trees elsewhere on his property & suggests that perhaps the two remaining
trees can be planted in a nearby common area.
It is suggested to ask the Homeowner to purchase two crepe myrtles, to be planted @ lake #4.
Ken Holder has resigned from the Committee.
There is now an opening for an A.C. Chairperson. Further discussion will resume @ the next
Neighborhood Watch: Burt DeShayes
Burt Wrote a report stating that surrounding communities are experiencing car burglaries.
He warns Homeowners that they should lock their vehicles & remove valuables or keep them
out of sight. The vehicles that were broken into were left unlocked.
Neighborhood Garage Sale : Iris Ferguson
Garage Sale will be Saturday, April 22, 2017, 8AM‐‐‐ 2PM.
Welcome Committee: Kathy Stocchetti & Stevie Holder
Four new families were welcomed to the neighborhood & given Welcome Packages.
Social Committee: Christina Yankson, Chairperson & Iris Ferguson, Co‐ Chairperson
The Social Committee is temporarily disbanded, due to nonparticipation.
Kathy Stocchetti informs the Board that a Neighborhood Block Party, involving the
neighborhoods of The Greenlands, Tabb, Coventry, Running Man & Edgewood.
It is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, 2017, in the Tabb parking lot. The time will be
announced in the Neighborhood Communications & the Secretary’s Minutes.
Communications: Judy Ferris
Jennifer Williams has requested that Judy write in her Communications report that Homeowners
Can go to the Home Page, www.Greenlands.org, to access the York County web site.
Old Business:
a) Front Entrance (please refer to pge. 29 of the February 27, 2017 Board Meeting package).
A motion was duly made, seconded & unanimously carried, to clean up the plant beds & remove
dead trees & shrubs . Four Nellie Stevens, (two for ea. entrance side), will be planted. The contractor
must agree to water them for six weeks.
$3,050.00 will be taken from item # 9620 (Tree/ shrub removal), of the Budget.
b) Soccer Field (refer to pge.29) Swale
A motion was duly made, seconded & carried, to cut in swale @ the soccer field, beginning @
405 Richter & ending in the wooded area behind 106 Sheldon. This should allow water to flow
out & prevent flooding issues.
$2,495.00 will be taken from # 9612 (Landscape Maintenance), of the Budget.
New Business:
a) Playground: (Repair or replace). (Please refer to pge 35 & picture on pge 37), of the
Board Meeting package.
A motion was duly made, seconded & carried to replace the current playground.
$14,787.49 will be taken from the Replacement Reserves.
b) Reserve Review:
The Meeting was adjourned @ 4:45 PM.
The next scheduled Meeting will be Monday, April 24, 2017. Time & place to be announced in the
Neighborhood Communications.
Executive Session was called to order @ 4:45 PM.
a) Delinquency/ Collections Reports
b) Waiver Request‐‐‐‐ Delinquent Account
c) Violation of Documents
d) Contracts
Executive Session adjourned @ 4:55 PM.
Regular Session was called to order @ 4:55 PM.
1) It was unanimously approved to waive late fees due from a Homeowner.
2) A motion was duly made, seconded & unanimously carried, to cash out CD’s & place
monies into the Replacement Reserve Account # 6226.
Topic of CD interest rates will be tabled for discussion @ the April H.O.A. Meeting.
3) Max White, Treasurer, has announced that he plans to resign.
Christina Yankson suggested asking Ji Su, of the Architectural Committee,
( as he has served on the Board before), if he is interested in the Board position.
Regular Session was adjourned @ 5 PM.
Submitted By:
Christina Yankson

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