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Dec 18, 2018
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The Waterview Home Owners Association was formed in the middle 1990�s by Bill Reiser, Richard Wallace, Tom Wilson, and Bob Junkelman, to allow Waterview to speak with one voice in support of what had been done by a few residents in the 1970�s and 1980�s which obtained a legal instrument which allows the residents to maintain a good quality of living and keep the Power Station in check from pollulating the air and ground around us. That document is still in effect and is known as the Conditional Use Permit.

Some Board members and residents are on a Focus Team with the Power Station, which meets on a regular basis. It also is involved with meeting with the Giant Refinery.

The Board has many accomplishments; a few which stand out, are the establishment of an Emergency Evacuation Plan for Waterview.  This was done with the help of York County, Amoco Refinery (now Giant) and Virginia Power.

Another was the restriction of the coal trains in and out of the Power Plant and Refinery from any time no later than 11pm and no earlier than 7am. In addition, a procedure was established with CSX to ensure that a standing train would block neither the Hornsbyville Road nor Wolf Trap crossings for no more than 5 minutes in case emergency vehicles are needed in the Waterview area.

We are a very low key Board and wish to remain that way, however we will respond to the needs of the residents.

Anyone interested in becoming a Board Member, assisting in Crime Watch Patrols or has any suggestions with regard to the improvement of the Waterview Area we ask that you contact one of the current Board Members.

Present Board Members are Nita Nelson, Bill Reiser, Paul Bosta, Doug Baggett, Richard Wallace, and Bob Junkelman.

Past Members include Tom Wilson, and Tom Doggins.

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