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Jan 21, 2019
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Fellow Residents,
As you most of you know there was a fire at the Refinery on Saturday morning 30 Sept 2006.
I want to remind everyone that there is in place procedures with regard to incidents at the Refinery or the Power Station.
This most recent fire, I was contacted by the York County Fire Chief three times during this incident, the first call was shortly after his arrival on the scene where be he assessed the situation and based on conversations with refinery personnel and his fire fighters.  He advised me that at this time there would be no need for evacuation of the Waterview Community.
A second call a while later he informed me that the fire had been contained. And then a third call at just before noon stating that the fire is out and they were just cooling down the structure and associated piping.  In addition he reported that all personell had been accounted for and there were no injuries to either Refinery personnel or York County Fire and Rescue personnel.
There is in place an Emergency Evacuation Plan for the Waterview Community if you do not have a copy of this please contact Richard Wallace or myself and we will get you one.
Please keep your neighbors informed, if you know of a neighbor that has a computer make sure that they are aware of the our Web Site, and have them send an e-mail to me  so I can add them to my notification list.
Mr Wallace and I rode around the area while the fire was in progress, and I am concerned about the number of non resident "gawkers" that came down Waterview Road to observe the fire.  I plan to address this situation with the Fire Chief next week as this could hamper our evacuation if needed and would also interfere with the arrival of emergency equipment.
I am sure there will be articles on the 6pm news and in the paper tomorrow.
Thank you for your time,   Comments and Suggestions welcome.
Bob Junkelman
Richard Wallace

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