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Feb 21, 2019
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1                  Gables of York County Community Association

603 Pilot House Drive, Suite 300

Newport News VA 23606-2453

Phone:  757·534·7751

Fax:  757-534-7765



Amended June 2015

(Supersedes All Previous Rules and Regulations)

The Gables of York County is a residential area of 164 townhouses designed to provide a small community atmosphere conducive to family living.  There is a small community pool and a playground that support this atmosphere.

The Gables of York County is a well-established small community centrally located to several military bases, NASA, and local businesses in Hampton, Newport News, and Yorktown.  The Gables of York Homeowners Association consists of all Gables of York Homeowners. The Gables of York Homeowners Association, referred to as "Association” is governed by an Association Board of Directors whose goal is to preserve the character of the neighborhood conducive to family living, respect for our neighbors, and to maintain our property values. This can only be accomplished by the enthusiastic cooperation of each homeowner by observing the covenants and restrictions which appear in our deeds, as well as all adopted rules and regulations.

The Association is responsible for efficient and effective use of fees collected from homeowners (monthly dues, special assessments), maintenance of the common areas, streets, and parking lots/spaces, arranging for services (lawn care, garbage collection, etc.), establishing and enforcing rules, reviewing requests for modification to properties, and general administrative duties. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to be actively involved in the Association to ensure the community’s majority sentiment is reflected in all major decisions.   See Bylaws of The Gables of York County Community Association for information on Association election rules, special assessments. The following pages will provide you with useful information regarding procedures and guidelines that should be followed to accomplish our mutual goals in the most efficient and acceptable manner. Also included, are the rules and regulations to support the spirit of being good neighbors.  This document, as well as other important documentation (e.g., pool rules, yard sales, Bylaws)  can be found on the following web site:  http://www.yorkcountyva.org/index.cfm?action=n62&id=449,142   The web site can be easily accessed by putting "Gables of York” into a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Should you have any questions, or wish to discuss any item in this packet, please contact Chesapeake Bay Management, and they will be glad to assist you. Contact information below:

Chesapeake Bay Management, Inc.

603 Pilot House Drive, Suite 300

Newport News, Virginia 23606

757-534-7751 – Office

757-534-7765 - Fax

Section 1 – Definitions

These definitions shall be applied to the following terms as set forth in the Rules and Regulations.

"Association" shall mean and refer to The Gables of York County Community Association.

"Common Area” shall mean all real property owned by the Association from time to time for the common use and enjoyment of the owners.

  • "Owners" shall mean and refer to the record owner, whether one or more persons or entities of any lot.
  • "Visible from Neighboring Property" shall mean, with respect to any given object, that such object is or would be visible to a person six feet tall, standing on any part of such neighboring property at an elevation no greater than the elevation of the base of the object being viewed.

  • "Single Family Residence" shall refer to a structure containing dwelling units where each dwelling unit is located on a separate lot and shall include where the context is appropriate, a duplex building or an individual dwelling unit located in a duplex building.

  • "Property Owners' Association Act" shall mean the Virginia Property Owners Association Act set forth in the 1950 Code of Virginia, as amended, as Chapter 26, Sections 55-508 through 55-516.2 and as amended from time to time.

Section 2 - Rules and Regulations

The purpose of the Rules and Regulations is to provide each owner with a concise and complete understanding of the land use classifications, permitted uses, and restrictions as provided for in the governing documents of the Association. Each owner was provided with a copy of these documents prior to closing. These Rules and Regulations are a culmination of the documents and rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors.

Single Family Residential Use - (Article IV Section 2.A)

All property shall be used, improved, and devoted exclusively to Single Family residential use. This is intended to include attached single family dwellings. No gainful occupation, professions, trade or other non-residential use shall be conducted on any such property.

Animals - (Article IV Section 2.B)

1.         Only a reasonable number generally recognized house or yard pets shall be maintained on any property within the community. A reasonable number shall be construed as no more than four (4) dogs/cats or other domestic pets (e.g., other than hamsters, birds, etc.)

2.         No owner may keep, breed or raise any animal allowed by the restrictive covenants for commercial purposes.

3.         Unit owners shall ensure that their animals do not create an unreasonable amount of noise or to become a nuisance.

4.         No structure for the care, housing, or confinement of any animal shall be maintained so as to be visible from neighboring property.

5.         Unit owners shall not walk animals in another homeowner’s yard. Animals walked in the common areas must be cleaned up after.

6.         Unit owners shall not allow animals to run free and must remain on a leash at all times while out of the owners home, as some neighbors may be frightened by animals.

7.         Owners must comply with State and County Animal Control Laws and Ordinances, including proper licensing of pets.

8.         Only domestic animals are permitted.  Domestic animals consist of the following: dogs, cats, caged domesticated birds, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs, aquarium fish, small snapping turtles and tortoises, domesticated rabbits, rats, mice, and creatures normally maintained in a terrarium or aquarium.

Vehicles - (Article IV Section 2.G)

Violation of any Vehicle/Parking/Recreational Vehicle Parking Area rules may result in immediate towing of the vehicle at the vehicle owners’ expense.

  1. No recreational vehicles, boats, utility trailers, or commercial vehicles, except a truck or van or the equivalent not over 3/4 ton and used as a principal means of transportation to work, shall be kept, placed, maintained, constructed, reconstructed, or repaired upon any property or street within this community except in a special parking area designated for recreational vehicles (see Recreational Vehicle Parking Area rules).  Utility trailers, trucks over 3/4 ton or other commercial or oversized vehicles may be parked in the RV and Overflow Lot only when a Special Consideration Request Form has been completed by the Resident-Owner and approved by the Board.  The Board may revoke these special privileges when deemed necessary. Any vehicles, RV's, boats or items on the property of the Gables that are unlicensed, untagged, not registered, with expired plates or tags, apparently abandoned, disabled or otherwise deemed by the Board shall be subject to towing at the owner's expense.  Residents should complete and submit to the Association Board a Special Consideration Request Form (available on the Gables web site or from the management company) before attempting to park or leave any of the vehicles or items so noted in this article and section. 

  2. No maintenance shall be performed on any vehicle that shall be visible for more than a twenty-four (24) hour continuous period. If the work cannot be completed within twenty-four (24) hours of initiation, it is not permitted. No vehicle shall be left unattended in an unsafe condition.


    3.        No Owner shall cause or allow any toxic waste or other material, which would be harmful to the environment within or without the boundaries of this community, to be discharged into the storm drains or upon any lot or common area within.

4.         Vehicles that have leakage of any environmentally hazardous chemical are             prohibited from being stored or parked anywhere on the premises until such time that      they are repaired and free of environmental contaminant leaks.

5.         Any leakages of hazardous materials from a vehicle on the property by a resident or guest are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. The cleanup must be completed in a manner consistent with the nature of the material and occurrence under any and all applicable procedures that dictate such cleanup. If the vehicle owner fails to act promptly (within 10 days of written communication) or comply with environmental standards, then the Association may exercise discretionary authority to act in preserving the community's health, environmental, legal, and financial interests to include but not limited to removal of such material at the owners expense. Any such action taken by the Association will not relinquish the        responsibilities of the vehicle owner and will be done so with the explicit expectation of             recovering all expenses incurred related to the incident.

6.         All vehicles and recreational vehicles/trailers that are parked within The Gables of York County must have current, valid license plates and state inspection stickers.

7.         All vehicles, recreational vehicles/trailers must be in operable condition.

8.         Inoperable vehicles, except as in #2 above, are not permitted within The Gables of York County at any time.  Inoperable is defined as mechanically (e.g., not working engine/transmission) or physically immobile (e.g. flat tire), not properly licensed, or parked with functional parts missing, or in a condition that driving on a public road can result in a ticket.

10.      Failure to maintain the vehicle, recreational vehicle or trailer according to conditions # 8 of this subsection is grounds for towing at the Owner’s expense.  One parking violation tag will be placed on the vehicle with a three-day time frame for correction prior to towing. No additional notice will be provided.

Parking - (Article IV Section 2.W)

Violation of any Vehicle/Parking/Recreational Vehicle Parking Area rules may result in immediate towing of the vehicle at the vehicle owners’ expense.

The following parking rules are intended to provide visitor parking so that visitors do not park in residence assigned spaces or cause hazardous parking situations for residents and emergency vehicles (e.g., parking on curbs). Subject to the exceptions noted below, parking is limited to designated parking areas in assigned parking spots, visitor spots, and the recreational vehicle lot.

    1. Visitor Spaces


      Each home has the exclusive right to use two spaces as indicated on the recorded plat. Visitor parking is available to guests within the community and are intended primarily for guest use. Homeowners will park in their "assigned" spaces and shall not use visitor spaces except for "limited use.”  Limited use is defined as, parking occasionally for any length of time not more than 9 times, for less than a 24 hour period, during any 30-day period.


      Homeowners who own more than two (2) vehicles will park their extra vehicles in the recreational parking lot (see Recreation Vehicle Parking area rules).  However, to comply with all Fair Housing Guidelines, a homeowner with extenuating circumstances, such as a physical disability, may be exempted from this rule if permitting ongoing parking in a visitor’s space provides a "reasonable accommodation” for the homeowner.   Exemptions for homeowners with FHA recognized disabilities or other extenuating circumstances may be submitted to the Board of Directors for review. 

    1. Handicap Spaces

There are also several handicap spaces throughout the community, which are also intended primarily for use by guests with disabilities.  However, to convenience and comply with all Fair Housing Guidelines, a homeowner demonstrating a disability that requires ongoing handicap access may be exempted from this rule and permitted extended use of a handicapped parking space. Exemptions for homeowners with FHA recognized disabilities may be submitted to the Board of Directors for review.

    1. General Parking Rules

  • Vehicles left unattended or parked at any time for more than fifteen (15) minutes in any area of premises that is not a designated parking spot, and/or being towed at the expense of the owner.

  • No resident or guest is to park in another resident’s assigned space without advance permission from the resident.

  • Double parking (parking one car behind another) is prohibited.

  • No curbside parking (other than the 15 minute grace period) is permitted. This includes no parking in the turn spaces at the end of the streets or the area near the lake.


    Parking in someone else’s space, extended curbside, or double parking is grounds for immediate towing at the vehicle owner’s expense. This also applies to vehicles parked in handicapped spaces without issued handicap plates. No notice will be placed on your vehicle. 

    Recreational Vehicle Parking Area 

    Violation of any Vehicle/Parking/Recreational Vehicle Parking Area rules may result in immediate towing of the vehicle at the vehicle owners’ expense.


    The Recreational Vehicle Parking (RVP) area is designated for parking operational recreation vehicles (e.g., RV's, boats, jet skis) trailers and additional motor vehicles (i.e., for residents who have more than two (2) cars/trucks. It may also be used as overflow parking for visitors. All vehicles/trailers parked in the RVP must be in compliance with Parking rules and regulations above (e.g., operational).  All vehicles/trailers parked for more than one (1) week must be registered with the Homeowners Association, through the Management Company (see page 1 for contact information).  Residents must provide a copy of the vehicle registration.  Vehicle registration sticker will be provided.  Anything (e.g., vehicle, trailer, recreation vehicle) parked for ten (10) days or more and not registered with the Homeowners Association will be towed at the owner's expense.


    Landscaping and Improvements - (Article IV Section 2 H) 

    Homeowners are encouraged to assist with plant and tree maintenance by watering and fertilizing plants/trees, as needed. 

    1.         Any approved additions or modifications to landscaping in the front of the             homes, or any             area considered a common area for maintenance, would require the unit owner            installing/modifying such landscaping to maintain these areas outside of the common area   maintenance contract, at their expense. 

    2.         No modifications or additions to landscaping that impact the drainage on your property or      those surrounding your property will be permitted. 

    3.         Maintaining the grounds of the owner’s property (e.g. inside the fence) is the             responsibility of the homeowner.  Each owner shall be required to keep all             shrubs, trees,   grass, and plantings located on his/her lot and in the fenced areas of his/her home, neatly   trimmed, properly cultivated, and free of trash, weeds, and other unsightly material.  No          plant growth shall protrude from the fencing. 

    4.         Maintaining the common area grounds is the responsibility of the Homeowners Association.   The Association is responsible for maintaining the grass (cutting, trimming), plants, trees, and shrubbery outside the owner’s lot.  Owners will notify the Property Manager (see page 1) of any problems with lawn maintenance (e.g. grass clippings on porch) or other landscaping issues (e.g. fallen tree, broken branches).  Residents are prohibited from addressing issues with the landscaping company and/or employees. 

    5.         Do not install anything that interferes with yard maintenance.  Yard ornaments are to be in            good taste and not to exceed twenty-four (24) inches in height or six (6) in number.           Owner is to take responsibility of dead plant removal if he/she planted them in         landscaping. Landscaping in owner’s fenced area is permitted without an application,     as this is the owner’s responsibility. Such landscaping must be done in such a way as to      not impact neighboring properties. Owners are responsible for cutting and edging in the   fenced areas of their property.  At no time shall the grass become overgrown or grow           through the fence.


    Repair of Buildings – (Article IV Section 2.J) 

    No building or structure upon any property within this community shall be permitted to fall into disrepair, and each such building and structure shall at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise finished. The homeowner is responsible for roof and vinyl siding replacement.  We recommend homeowners in the same quad (share same roof) coordinate roof replacement to reduce their out of pocket expense.  The homeowner is responsible for exterior maintenance/repair to include the roof, vinyl siding, wood, window, and painting. 

    1.         Structures shall be well maintained, to include painting, repairs (e.g. wood rot, shingles),        and power washing. This includes all structures upon any property, and includes fences           (see below for fence maintenance). All structure wood shall be painted periodically with       paint color that conforms to original building colors. Exterior paint and wood trim   (spindles, hand rails, trim around windows and under roof gables) on the home is to be        maintained in good repair and kept in original color scheme and design. Peeling,         chalking, flaking, discoloration and exposed wood are grounds for repainting.  No            changes to exterior color schemes are permitted. 

    2.         Wooden placards with House Number shall be maintained (painted, cleaned) in the             original manner (color, brass numbers).  Those needing new placards can contact             Management Company (see page 1) to purchase them. 

    3.         Structure, to include vinyl siding, brick, and wood trim, shall be clear of mold/mildew.

4.         Proper maintenance requires that gutters and downspouts be kept in good condition.             Gutter guards must be of the same color.  Added gutters are to be painted to match             existing gutters previously installed by builder.  Formal application is required for all        changes and additions unless you are replacing existing guttering and downspouts with     exact materials.

5.         No repairs of any kind that materially alter the design or appearance of any building or         structure on the premises will be permitted without prior approval of the Architectural Review Committee or Board of Directors. Any repairs that conform to the original design            or previously approved modification of designs or appearance require no prior consent. It     shall be the responsibility of the resident to provide reasonable proof of such previously      authorized modification upon demand by the Board of Directors or agent thereof.

Shared Areas/Components

Common areas between unit owners (i.e. utility closets on White Cedar) shall be maintained by the affected homeowners equally.  Citations for non-compliance will be issued to both homeowners responsible. 


Fences include both the exterior fence and the lattice fence around the air conditioner.

1.         In order to maintain consistency throughout the community, fences are to be stained with a tinted stain, specifically Behr Exterior Wood Stain, Cappuccino – Solid Color(#DP-529) or exact equivalent. All exterior fencing, to include air conditioning unit screening, gates and lattice, will be stained.

2.         Fences are to be maintained at all times. Repairs to fence must match original work done by builder of the home. Any modification to an existing fence requires Architectural Committee approval.

3.         Fences are not permitted to be extended or reduced.

4.         At no time shall any item mounted inside the fence be visible above the top of the fence.

5.         Nothing shall be mounted to the exterior of the fence.

6.         Areas enclosed within your fences are to remain weed free. Weeds and grass are not permitted to grow through or outside of the fencing.

Masonry - (Article IV Section 2.H.1)

All masonry, including wall, driveway, and sidewalks located on a Lot shall be maintained, repaired, and replaced by the Owner of the Lot. If a sidewalk serves more than one unit, the Association will be responsible for repair as a common expense.

Debris - (Article IV Section 2.I)

No rubbish or debris of any kind shall be placed or permitted to accumulate upon or adjacent to any property within this community and no odors shall be permitted to arise there from, so 'as to render any such property or any portion thereon unsanitary, unsightly, offensive, or detrimental to any other property in the vicinity thereof or to its occupants.

Trash and Recycle Containers and Collection - (Article IV- Section 2.K)

No garbage or trash shall be placed or kept on any property within this community except in provided containers. All containers must be kept inside privacy fence or garage. In no event shall such containers be maintained in the front or side yard of any lot so as to be visible from neighboring property except to be made available for collection and then, only for the shortest time reasonably necessary to effect such collection.  Containers may be placed at curbside no earlier than 7:00 P.M. on the evening before collection day and must be returned to their storage location by the 7:00 P.M. on the evening of collection day.  Once collection is completed, the containers are to be stored either in your fenced area or garage as applicable.  Each homeowner is responsible for labeling his/her own container. The containers are to be labeled in 3” or 4” white numbers and letters according to address in either vinyl press on or stencil.  Your container should be labeled neatly with your house number then followed by your street abbreviation:  BL (Buttonwood Lane), PO (Post Oak Road), WC (White Cedar Lane), PT (Pecan Terrace) and LL (Locust Lane).  Those homeowners that do not label the containers are deemed in violation of the Rules and Regulations subjecting Owners to violation charges permitted by the Code of Virginia.

Unattended Items

No unattended items (including, but not limited to toys, sports equipment and furniture) shall be permitted on sidewalks, roads or common areas. Items should be considered unattended if left for fifteen (15) minutes or more.

Clothes Drying Facilities and Firewood - (Article IV Section 2.L)

Outside clothes lines or other outside facilities for drying or airing clothes shall not be visible from neighboring property. Firewood may be stored on approved racks no closer than three feet to the home. At no time shall firewood be stored directly in or against the home or be visible outside of resident's fenced in back yard.

Right of Way - (Article IV Section 2.N)

During reasonable daylight hours, any member of the Architectural Control Committee, any member of the Board of Directors, or any authorized representative, shall have the right to enter upon and inspect any property within this community and the improvements thereon, except for the interior portions of any residence, for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the provisions of this Declaration have been or are being complied with, and such person shall not be deemed guilty of trespass by reason of such entry.

Machinery and Equipment – (Article IV Section 2.0)

No machinery or equipment of any kind shall be placed, operated, or maintained upon or adjacent to any property within this community except such machinery or equipment as is usual and customary in connection with the use, maintenance, or construction of a residence,   approved structures, or other improvements, and except that which the Association may require for the operation and maintenance of this community or its Common Area.

Signs - (Article IV Section 2.Q)

No signs whatsoever (including, but not limited to, commercial, political, and similar signs) which are visible from neighboring property shall be erected or maintained on any lot or parcel of property within this community except as follows:

1.         Signs required in connection with any legal proceeding or proceedings of the Board of        Supervisors, Planning Commission or other administrative body.

2.         Up to two For Sale or Rent signs of standard height and width may be displayed on your     lot and may not intrude into any common area. One sign may be displayed at the entrance          for up to two weeks.

3.         Signs placed in yards by contractors (e.g. home renovations) may only be             displayed        during the time of the project. They must be on the homeowner's lot and of standard           height and width.

4.         Flags hung on the exterior of the home are to be in good taste, in good repair and not to         exceed 4’x6’.  Small mini flags may be displayed within the flower bed areas on wrought           iron display poles as long as they do not interfere with the landscapers responsibilities.          Should any flag be determined to be offensive in nature, or should the Board receive a           complaint regarding a flag displayed in the community, the Board of Directors reserves      the right to request the owner to remove the flag or will remove the flag at the expense of             the owner.

5.         One political sign, no larger than 18x24, is permitted on each lot and such sign must be removed within 10 days of specific election.

Residential Decor and Seasonal Decorations

1.         Seasonal or holiday decorations are permitted provided they are not offensive in nature, in         good taste, aesthetically pleasing, and not excessive. Such decorations are permitted for display up to 30 days prior to the holiday or season and ten (10) days afterward.

Yard Sale

The Association sponsors community yard sales one to two (1 to 2) times each year. Residents are permitted to have an independent yard sale, but must contact the Management Company (see page 1) in writing at least three (3) days prior to the event.   Sales are limited to three (3) consecutive days, and no more events than twice in a calendar year for any individual homeowner.  All activity must start after 8 am. and end by 2 pm.   See Gables of York County Yard Sale Guidelines for additional details.

Swimming Pool

The community swimming pool is for residents and their accompanied guests.  See The Gables of York County Community Association Swimming Pool Rules for additional information.

Satellite Dishes

External television and radio antenna and satellite dishes are not allowed except as follows: satellite dishes up to one (1) meter in diameter are permitted.  If satisfactory reception can be obtained by placing the dish inside the fenced patio area of your property, not visible from neighboring properties, the Association requests that you do so.  If such reception is not possible, the satellite dish is to be strategically placed under a gable of your home.  Before installing the satellite dish, submit an application to the Architectural Committee for approval of mounting location.

Exterior Building Modifications

Exterior building modifications are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to room additions, changing of vinyl siding color and style, changing of roof style, color or design. (See Procedures for Architectural Approval on page 15)

Barbecue Grills

Barbecue grills are to be stored out of view in patio enclosures or the garage.  Ashes are not to be disposed of in common areas.  Hot ashes should not be disposed of in trash containers or in the common area.

Exterior Lighting  

Replacement of existing exterior light fixtures with an exact match to the old fixture does not require Architectural Committee approval.  A change in the number, style, size, or color of exterior light fixtures will require Architectural Committee approval.  Landscape lighting for walks and gardens requires approval from the Architectural Committee and must be of an intensity which will not adversely affect neighboring properties and common area.

Dog Houses and Runs

All doghouses and runs must be placed and stored within fenced patio area and not Visible from Neighboring Property.

Storm/Screen Doors

Storm/screen doors on the front door will be metal "full or half view” glass or two panels with self-storage screen.  The color of the frame of the storm/screen door must match the existing trim to which it is attached or the front door.  Any other color or design requires Architectural Committee approval.

Front Porches

Front area porches are to remain in an acceptable uncluttered manner.  Front porches are not storage areas and are not to be used as such.

Common Areas

Common areas include but are not limited to the grounds, clubhouse, pool, playground, lake/storm water retention pond, overflow parking areas, roadways, etc.

      1. There shall be no alcohol or other intoxicant permitted to be stored, consumed, or otherwise used on common areas.

      2. There shall be no smoking within 15’ of the playground area or pool areas.

      3. There shall be no walking on the rocks, throwing rocks, or otherwise disturbing the rocks surrounding the lake/storm water retention pond.

      4. No swimming in the lake/storm water retention pond.

      5. No walking on the ice when lake/storm water retention is/appears frozen.


        Guests/residents should be reminded to employ common courtesy when using common areas so as not to disturb the peace and enjoyment of residents. Please refrain from sitting on/touching personal property such as fences, gates, utility boxes, etc. Also refrain from climbing trees. Lastly, remember that the Gables of York is a family community and as such please refrain from using profanity while enjoying the common areas and amenities.  


        Section 3 - Architectural Statement

Architectural Guidelines will be compiled and incorporated into this booklet in the near future. In the meantime, no exterior modification is to be made without the prior written permission of the Association. Architectural Change Forms can be obtained by contacting Chesapeake Bay Management at 534-775.

All applications for exterior changes and/or modifications must be submitted and approved BEFORE alterations begin.

Procedures for  Architecture Approval

The following procedures will be used to obtain approval for changes in home exterior modification; this includes the townhouse, fences, guttering, and other structures.   Time sensitive modifications (e.g. security, safety issues) may be expedited by Association Manager to the Board of Directors via email for approval.

  1.  Residents will fill out the "Request for Exterior Alteration” form found on the Gables of York County website (http://www.yorkcountyva.org/index.cfm?action=n62&id=449,142) and send application to the Association Manager (see pg 1).

  2. Association Manager will review the application to ensure all appropriate information, to include diagrams of change proposal, if appropriate. Association Manager will forward application to the Board of Directors at least one week prior to next scheduled Board Meeting for review.  If application is submitted within 2 weeks of next board meeting, application will be submitted 1 week prior to the next board meeting.  Association Manager will notify applicant when their request will be submitted to the Board for consideration.  Applicant may attend the Association meeting (if applicable) to explain the modification.

  3. Board of Directors will vote to approve/disapprove application at the association meeting.  If Board determines there is not enough information to make a decision, the Board of Directors may request additional information before vote is conducted on the issue. 

  4. Applicant will be notified within 10 days of approval/disapproval decision in writing by the Association Manager. 

  5. Applicant may appeal Disapproval and request to reconsider decision.  Appeal must be done within 60 days of notification and can be done in writing or by hearing.  Hearing will be scheduled in conjunction with next Board meeting or as a Special Meeting, if deem necessary.

  6. Decision for appeals will be sent to the applicant within 10 days of decision. 

These Rules and Regulations were adopted by the Gables of York Community Association Board of Directors and will go into effect July 1, 2015.






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