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Oct 24, 2018
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  1. All persons using the pool/pool area do so at their own risk. The Gables of York County Community Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss or damage to persons or property. Entry constitutes agreement not to hold the Association, nor its agents or employees liable for personal injury or loss or damage to persons or property. All Owners/tenants must complete the registration form  mailed to all residents and submit to Chesapeake Bay Management to provide an updated list of authorized persons. THIS IS NECESSARY TO USE THE POOL


1. Entry to the pool will be granted once the homeowner/resident checks in with the lifeguard.

The lifeguard will verify your information and you will sign in. All residents and guests must sign the logbook (indicating time of day) upon entering and exiting the pool area.


2. All members in good standing shall be permitted to use the pool, and guests *(up to 5 per household) of such members shall also be permitted pool use provided such guests are accompanied by a member.In all cases,the member shall be responsible for informing guests of applicable rules and for the conduct of guests. There will be no charge for guests of a reasonable number and provided that this is not abused.


3. The lifeguards, pool management personnel, Board members or the Association Manager has the authority to temporarily suspend pool privileges of anyone violating any of the pool rules. The offender will be warned once then pool privileges will be suspended until such time as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.


4. No person shall use the pool unless the pool is officially open and the pool lifeguards are on duty. All persons shall obey the instructions of the lifeguards. All persons must stay clear of the lifeguard stationsand must not interfere or distract the pool lifeguard. Persons asked to leave the pool must comply immediately.


5. Should you experience a problem or observe a problem with the lifeguard,please report the situation to the Association Manager. Any grievances must be directed to the Association Manager, not the lifeguards. The Association Manager can be contacted at 534-7751.


6. Any person using the pool shall dress in appropriate swimwear. No person will be permitted to wear shorts, cutoffs, etc. Non-toilet trained children will not be allowed in the pool without swim diapers. Disposable diapersare not permitted in the pool.


7. Persons not listed as owner or tenant on deed or rental agreement must pass a "safe swimmer" test under the supervision of the pool lifeguards. The person must be able to swim the length of the pool two (2) times without his/her feet touching the bottom. Should a person complete the "safe swimmer" test, it applies only to the person who took the test and he/she is not permitted to bring other underage patrons to the pool in lieu of an adult member. These individuals can also lose this privilege should their behavior become an issue.


8. Patrons with colds, coughs,inflammation of the eyes, who are wearing bandages, have an infection or open sore or other physical condition that may affect the health and welfare of themselves  or others should refrain from using the pool. The lifeguards have the responsibility and authority to deny the use of the pool to any patron affected with any recognizable unhealthy condition that may be transmitted by use of the swimming pool.


9. The Association reserves the right to designatecertain times for the exclusiveuse of the pool by designated members. The pool lifeguards on duty shall announce the times of such swim periods. A ten-minute break every hour is mandatory.


10. The telephone in the pool house is for emergencies only. No personal phone calls are to be made on the phone.

11. The lifeguard is authorized to take such action, as he/she deems necessary in order to promote safety and enjoyment of the pool and pool area.


12. The pool will automatically close at the approach of or during a storm. All swimmers must get out of the water immediately.An electrical storm is particularly dangerous and could prove fatal.


13. Safety Conditions:


• No running,diving, pushing, dunking or rough play will be permitted in the pool or pool

_area. Sitting or standing on another person's shoulders is not permitted.

• No intoxicants or intoxicated persons shall be allowed in the swimming pool or the pool area.

• Glasses or goggles must be secured at all times.

• No smoking is permitted in the pool area, bathrooms,pool house or at/near entrancesto the pool and/or pool house.

• No pets are allowed in the pool area.

• No persons are permitted in the pump/filtration or storage rooms,except authorized personnel.

• Loud music will not be permitted either on the pool deck or in the parking area.

• Flotation devices may be used in the pool, subject to the lifeguard's decision based upon the size and characterof the crowd.

• No persons are permitted to cause a disturbance or disturb other patrons.

• No profanity will be permitted.

• Bobby pins and other loose hair items must be removed prior to entering the pool.

• No food, glass or breakable items are permitted. ·Trash must be disposed of in trash containers.

















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