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Jan 22, 2019
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Gables of York Homeowners Association

Application for Exterior Alteration Approval




Please mail or deliver to:

            Gables of York County Homeowners Association

            c/o  Chesapeake Bay Management

           603 Pilot House Dr,. Suite 300

            Newport News, VA 236062

            Phone: (757) 534-7751 Fax: (757) 534-7765

Note: Exterior alterations and/or fences commenced without prior approval of the Architectural Committee are in violation of the covenants and at the applicants own risk.

From: (Please print or type)

            Name: _______________________________

            Address: _____________________________

            Home Ph: ____________________________

Application for: (Check appropriate work)

 Fence                     Play Structure                 Porch or Porch Rails

 Landscaping          Shed                                Exterior Finish

 Deck/Patio             Hot Tub                          Repair or Replace

 Guttering               Satellite Dish                   Exterior Color Scheme

 Yard Ornaments    Grading                          Other: _______________

Description of Alteration: Supplemental sheets, sketches, plats, and architectural drawings, fully describing the proposed alteration, must be attached before the ACC will review the application. In the case of an exterior color change, a sample of the new color along with a description of the existing color must be submitted.

Acknowledgement: Please obtain four signatures of adjacent and or visually affected neighbors wherever possible. Acknowledgment indicates awareness of intent not necessarily approval or disapproval.

Name_________________________          Name_________________________

Address________________________         Address________________________

Name _________________________          Name_________________________

Address________________________          Address________________________

The ACC has forty-five (45) days from the date a complete application package (including required signatures, plats, sketches, ect.) is received to approve or deny each application. By signing below, you acknowledge that if the modification, as constructed differ in any way from those described herein, your approval will not extend to such modification.

Owner Signature: _________________________          Date: ____________________



 Pending more information


________________________________                                        ____________________

Architectural Committee Representative                                                         Date   


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