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Feb 23, 2019
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The Gables of York County
Architectural Committee Guidelines and Rules


All applications for exterior changes and/or modifications must be submitted and approved BEFORE alterations begin.


Fences �


                     In order to maintain consistency throughout the community, fences are to be stained with a tinted stain, specifically Behr Exterior Wood Stain Cappuccino - Solid Color (DP-529) or exact equivalent.                  Fences are to be maintained at all times. Repairs to fence must match original work done by builder of the home. Any modification to an existing fence requires Architectural Committee approval.

                      Fences are not permitted to be extended or reduced.

                      At no time shall any item mounted inside the fence be visible above the top of the fence.

                      Nothing shall be mounted to the exterior of the fence.

                      Areas enclosed within your fence are to remain weed free. Weeds and grass are not permitted to grow through or outside of the fencing.


Satellite Dishes


                      External television and radio antenna and satellite dishes are not allowed except as follows: satellite dishes of 18� in diameter are permitted. If satisfactory reception can be obtained by placing the dish inside the fenced patio area of your property, not visible from neighboring properties, the Association requests that you do so. If such reception is not possible, the satellite dish is to be strategically placed under a gable of your home. Satellite dishes are not to be mounted on roofs or on fences surrounding air conditioners. Before installing the satellite dish, submit an application to the Architectural Committee for approval of mounting location.


House Numbers


                      House numbers are important to emergency personnel in locating an address as well as to facilitate mail and package delivery; therefore, each owner will maintain the numbers originally provided by the builder. Maintain the appearance of the brass numbers and the painted board the numbers are mounted on.


Gutters and Downspouts


                      Proper maintenance requires that gutters and downspouts be kept in good condition. Gutter guards must be of the same color. Added gutters are to match existing gutters previously installed by builder. Formal application is required for all changes and additions unless you are replacing existing guttering and downspouts with exact materials.


Exterior Paint ,Wood Trim and Roof Replacement �


                     Exterior paint and wood trim (spindles, hand rails, trim around windows and under roof gables) on the home is to be maintained in good repair and kept in original color scheme and design. Peeling, chalking, flaking, discoloration and exposed wood are grounds for repainting. No changes to exterior color schemes are permitted.

Roofing shingles must be an exact replacement for existing material. The original supplier, Georgia Pacific no longer sells an exact replacement. However an similar product is available from TAMCO as Elite-GLASS  Seal, triple tab shingles. Order an on-line a brochure from TAMCO.com to select a proper color match. Use of any other roofing material must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.




                      Do not install anything that interferes with yard maintenance. Yard ornaments are to be in good taste and not to exceed 24 inches in height or six in number. Owner is to take responsibility of dead plant removal if he/she planted them in landscaping. Landscaping in owner�s fenced area is permitted without an application, as this is the owner�s responsibility; however, such landscaping must be done in such a way as to not impact neighboring properties. Owners are responsible for cutting and edging in the fenced areas of their property. At no time shall the grass become overgrown or grow through the fence.


Exterior Building Modifications


                      Exterior building modifications are not permitted, e.g.: Room additions, changing of vinyl siding color and style, changing of roof style, color or design.




                      Flags hung on the exterior of the home are to be in good taste, in good repair and not to exceed 4�x6�. Small mini flags may be displayed within the flower bed areas on wrought iron display poles as long as they do not interfere with the landscapers responsibilities. Should any flag be determined to be offensive in nature, or should the Board receive a complaint regarding a flag displayed in the community, the Board of Directors reserves the right to request the owner remove the flag or remove the flag at the expense of the owner.


Barbecue Grills


                      Barbecue grills are to be stored out of view in patio enclosures or the garage. Ashes are not to be disposed of in common areas. Hot ashes should not be disposed of in trash toters or in the common area.


Exterior Lighting


                     Replacement of existing exterior light fixture with an exact match to the old fixture does not require Architectural Committee approval. A change in the number, style, size, or color of exterior light fixtures will require Architectural Committee approval. Landscape lighting for walks and gardens requires approval from the Architectural Committee and must be of an intensity, which will not adversely affect neighboring properties and common areas.


Dog Houses and Runs


                      All doghouses and runs must be within fenced patio area and not visible from neighboring property.


Storm/Screen Doors


                      Storm/screen doors on the front door will be metal �full or half view� glass or two panels with self-storage screen. The color of the frame of the storm/screen door must match the existing trim to which it is attached or the front door. Any other color or design requires Architectural Committee approval.




                      Outdoor clotheslines or other facilities for the drying or airing of clothing or bedding are not permitted.


Seasonal Decorations


                     Seasonal decorations (temporary decorations associated with a particular holiday or season) may be displayed without Architectural Committee approval for a period of thirty (30) days before and thirty (30) days after such holiday.


Trash Storage and Collection


                      All garbage and trash stored on properties must be kept in covered receptacles. All containers must be kept inside privacy fence or garage. Containers may be placed at curbside no earlier than the evening before collection day and must be returned to their storage location by the evening of collection day. Once collection is completed, the toters are to be stored either in your fenced area or garage as applicable. Each homeowner is responsible for labeling his/her own toter. The toters are to be labeled in 3� or 4� white numbers and letters according to address in either vinyl press on or stencil. Your toters should be labeled neatly with your house number then followed by your street abbreviation: BL (Buttonwood Lane), PO (Post Oak Road), WC (White Cedar Lane), PT (Pecan Terrace) and LL (Locust Lane). Those homeowners that do not label the toters are subject to assessments.


Front Porches


                      Front area porches are to remain in an acceptable uncluttered manner. Front porches are not storage areas and are not to be used as such.


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